Home Maintenance Costs Worth Every Penny

Owning a home is still considered a sound investment, but property must be maintained so it can stay an asset on your balance sheet. Home maintenance costs may sometimes seem excessive, but when looking at the long-term, these costs are worth every penny. Safeguard your home from massive repairs and replacements that could easily drain [...]

When Do Air Ducts Need Replacing?

Homes are dwellings that can literally breathe life into families by supplying fresh, clean air. To fulfill this purpose, homes have air ducts that regulate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning so occupants can stay healthy and comfortable. To keep air ducts fully functional, monitoring and replacement should be a regular routine. Otherwise, property owners might [...]

Benefits to a Clean Office Ventilation System

Some business owners may wonder why the office ventilation system needs regular attention. With the weekly costs of housekeeping, utilities, and day-to-day business, duct cleaning could seem like an extravagance. However, a work environment with poor ventilation can be hazardous to employees and can potentially cause damage to computers and machinery. Employees who are subjected [...]

Why Duct Cleaning Is a Worthwhile Investment

For most people, having the duct cleaned by a professional may seem unnecessary. When it comes to home and commercial maintenance, duct cleaning needs to be a priority -- for health and efficiency reasons. What is Duct Cleaning? Air duct cleaning is the process of sanitizing the different parts of an HVAC system using chemical [...]

Why Heat Recovery Ventilators Are Valuable for HVAC

After a long, arduous day at work, coming home to breathe in the scent of stale and stuffy house can be unnerving. Instead of lighting scented candles and incense, using chemical sprays, and trying to mask the smell, there are other actions you can take to breathe easily. Air quality can be affected by humidity, [...]

DIY Dryer Repair: Don’t Drown in the Details

Some dryer problems can be managed by do-it-yourself fixes using a few basic tools and some technical knowledge. With a screwdriver, a ratchet set, and a multimeter (or continuity tester) you might be able to handle some small repairs. However, if you don’t know the workings of the machine, it’s best to call the professionals. [...]

How Weather and Seasonal Changes Affect Your Air Ducts

Ductwork throughout your home delivers cool or heated air into living spaces. It can also return stale air to your HVAC system. Many homeowners forget to clean and maintain their air ducts because they are hidden from view. Consistently maintain your ducts and have them cleaned regularly to keep them operating efficiently. If you are [...]

Three Reasons Your Dryer Is Getting Too Hot

While clothes dryers frequently get hot, high temperatures are not normal and can be downright dangerous when the dryer overheats. Besides scorching your clothes, a dryer that is getting too hot can catch fire. There are several issues that cause a dryer to overheat; here are the top three reasons for this: Thermostat Malfunction - [...]

Your Chimney Is Telling You It Needs Cleaning

There are a few signs of a dirty chimney that shouldn’t be ignored, because it’s best to have your chimney cleaned before problems arise. When your chimney cries for help, it may provide some signs: Buildup Built up creosote is a leading cause of chimney fires, which often lead to house fires. Recognize the signs [...]