Our Process –Air Duct Cleaning

/Our Process –Air Duct Cleaning
Our Process –Air Duct Cleaning

1. Arrival

Our technicians arrive at your door and prepare the outside parking area, if necessary. Our technicians place caution cones to bring attention to potential tripping hazards (from our air or vacuum hoses) and indicate safe walking areas around the truck and property.

2. Setup

As soon as we enter your home, we immediately protect your floors and walls. By laying out floor runners and corner guards we remove the risk of scuffs and scratches to your floors or walls. Now, we can safely bring in our tools, hoses, and equipment.

3. Inspection

All ductwork is closely inspected; our technicians assess the entire duct system and air handling unit. We will make recommendations for in-depth cleaning, repairs, or improvements for the overall efficiency of your entire system. We also take this time to get to know your system, so we can ensure a complete and effective duct cleaning.

4. Hook up

In order to effectively clean ductwork, it is essential to have proper suction throughout the cleaning process. We next create access doors to the inside of the ductwork for our vacuum hook up and cleaning tools (if necessary) or reuse existing access points from previous cleanings (if they are in the proper locations).

5. Upstairs Cleaning

While the ductwork downstairs is being prepared, one of our technicians will use high-pressure compressed air to push any dirt and debris down through all the supply and return air vents throughout the home. Our technician then seals off all air vents with a tape seal to ensure no dust will blow back into the home.

6. Return Air Cleaning

All air systems have two different kinds of duct zones. Return air zones are the sections of ductwork that the furnace uses to draw air in and return it through the furnace fan and filter. All return air ductwork and joist liners are power scrubbed using our Scorpion Rods and Predator Whip attachments for a complete, in-depth cleaning. We can see all dust and debris that is removed from the ductwork using our live CCTV camera and monitor, and welcome all homeowners to view the work through the camera before, during and after the cleaning process.

7. Supply Air Cleaning

Supply air ductwork includes all ductwork your furnace uses to force air out and into the home. This also includes the round pipes that travel through the floors and walls of your home. Our technician will use our Air Snake tool to travel up through each pipe by forcing air down towards the vacuum to ensure every bend and corner is thoroughly cleaned, with an unfinished section of the basement area. All the main sections of ductwork are then power scrubbed using our Scorpion Rods and Predator Whip attachment.

8. Additional Services

Now that the main sections of ductwork are clean, it is time for our technicians to take care of any extra cleaning requested by the homeowner. This can include: in-depth furnace plenum cleaning (including A/C coil), full system disinfectant, furnace fan brush and blowout, duct sealant, HRV cleaning, and more!

9. Furnace Pan & System Cycle

Standard with all our duct cleaning is a complementary furnace pan and filter chamber blowout, followed by a system cycle to remove any loose dust particles that may be left over from the cleaning.

10. Work Area Clean up

Our technicians always treat each and every home with the utmost care and do a complete work area clean up before leaving, including vacuuming the area around your furnace and collecting any loose debris that may have fallen out of your system or shaken loose from above during the cleaning process. Our Motto: Leave the workspace cleaner then the way you found it.

11. Payment & Record/Reminder

Each homeowner is provided with a label on their furnace that serves as a record of the cleaning done that day and a reminder for the next recommended cleaning appointment. We also provide an on-the-spot invoice, and accept Visa, MasterCard or cheque.

Our duct cleanings typically take up to 3 hours (from arrival to departure). All appointments are scheduled for a minimum of half a day; it is requested that the homeowner is present on the property throughout the appointment time. Several unknown factors may affect time estimates. All prices given are starting costs and may be affected by extra vents, ductwork zones, crawlspaces, or other unforeseen circumstances.

We always encourage homeowners to be aware of their total system setup to get the most accurate quote and understanding.