Our Process – Dryer Cleaning

/Our Process – Dryer Cleaning
Our Process – Dryer Cleaning

Our Process – Dryer Cleaning

Ottawa Dryer Repair Services

1. Arrival
Our technicians arrive at your door and prepare the outside parking area if necessary. The technicians place caution cones to bring attention to potential tripping hazards (from our air hoses) and indicate safe walking areas around the truck and property.

Our technicians will perform a complete system inspection to ensure there is no visible damage, fire code violations, broken or disconnected piping, and air flow restrictions. We check that proper vent with pest guard is installed. Our technician will use this time to make any recommendations to improve efficiency or to meet current fire codes.

3.Interior Cleaning
The interior of a dryer can hold, on average, 10-20% of all dryer lint. Keeping the lint trap clean before and after each load is a good way to keep the system running better, but lint buildup still occurs inside the dryer and dryer piping. Our technicians use high pressure compressed air to safely and effectively remove any buildup inside the dryer unit. Our specialised air wands reach down into the dryer cavities and fan, ensuring a complete and thorough job.

4.Exterior Cleaning
Dryer vent piping can quickly become a fire hazard if not properly maintained. Lint and other debris gets trapped inside the dryer vent piping and restrict airflow to the outside. This may result in a loss of efficiency and become a major fire concern. Our technicians clean the entire dryer vent piping using our spinning air snake to scrub and remove any lint or debris.

5.System Cycle
After the system is clean, our technician will perform a system cycle and airflow test. This cycle is essential to blow out any remaining particles that may be floating around in the piping. An airflow and pressure test will ensure the system is clean and operating efficiently.

6.New Installation
Now that the dryer system is completely clean, our technicians can perform any additional services requested by the homeowner. These services can include: repair or replace damaged piping, replace damaged vents, install animal or bird guards, and more!

Our technicians always treat each and every home with the utmost care and always conduct a complete work area clean up before leaving. We vacuum the area around and inside your dryer unit, wipe down the top dryer unit, and collect any large debris outside the home.
OUR MOTTO: Leave the work space cleaner than the way you found it.

8.Payment & Done
Each homeowner is provided with a reminder magnet on their dryer as a record of the cleaning done that day. We also provide an on the spot invoice, and accept Visa, MasterCard or cheque.

Arrival times may be affected by weather or other unknown factors. All appointments are scheduled for a minimum of half a day, It is requested the homeowner is present on the property throughout the appointment time. All prices given are estimated and may be subject to change.