Air Duct Cleaning

Until you or other family members start experiencing health issues like allergies and asthma attacks, you may not think about the air quality in your home. Allergies can hugely impact a person’s quality of […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A number of home fires leading to death and injury may be traced to dirty dryer vents that didn’t receive proper cleaning and maintenance. As lint and other elements accumulate they block the dryer […]

Kitchen and Bathroom Vent Cleaning

A bathroom can be a source of solace. A soak in the tub, a hot shower — even washing our faces and hands  — can help us feel fresh and rejuvenated. A dirty bathroom […]

Dryer Piping Repair for Exterior Vents

Dryer Piping Repair Services in Ottawa

Inadequate white vinyl plastic dryer vent duct that poses a fire hazard. Hydro and electricity bills will increase when air returns to the dryer unit instead of moving outside […]

Air Exchanger/Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning

Heat recovery ventilators are fixtures in many homes due to their many benefits. Not only do they offer potential energy cost savings, they’re beneficial to the health and comfort of any building inhabitants. A […]

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