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Until you or other family members start experiencing health issues like allergies and asthma attacks, you may not think about the air quality in your home. Allergies can hugely impact a person’s quality of life. While the cause of sudden or unexpected allergies might be a mystery, it’s possible your air ducts are filled with dust, pests, and other health hazards.

The health of a family or workers in a commercial building is affected by the air they breathe. Until health issues arise, air duct cleaning may not be a priority for the homeowner or company. Regular maintenance can improve the air quality of any building.

NADCA (the National Air Duct Cleaners Association) recognizes the value of having professionals clean air ducts and dryer ducts. Here are some benefits to having an efficient and well-functioning air duct:

Improved Air Quality

Removing dust and other pollutants with regular air duct cleaning maintains great air quality. Allergy-sensitive family members, employees, and visitors can be spared detrimental reactions to poor air. Those who don’t have allergies experience better health when the air they breathe is clean.

Control Pests and Mould

Air ducts are favourite habitat of insects and other pests. This environment is also conducive to the growth of mould. Before an offensive smell arises or mould/animals inhabit the ducts, clean these areas and provide a safer environment for the humans on your property.

Save on Maintenance

An efficient system, free of dust and other substances, increases airflow and saves on energy/hydro costs. Dust can damage a system‘s components. Eliminate the need for repairs or replacement by having your ducts cleaned.

Avoid problems, potential fire, and health concerns by having regular duct cleaning. Residents in the Ottawa area can call Dr. Duct. Our experienced personnel will visit your property and conduct the necessary evaluations to determine the best way to protect your property and investments.


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