Air Exchanger/Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning

/Air Exchanger/Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning
Air Exchanger/Heat Recovery Ventilator Cleaning

Project Description

Heat recovery ventilators are fixtures in many homes due to their many benefits. Not only do they offer potential energy cost savings, they’re beneficial to the health and comfort of any building inhabitants. A heat recovery ventilator needs regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it at peak performance.

Air Exchangers and Heat Recovery Ventilators in OttawaHealth Benefits

A home that is poorly ventilated can be hazardous to the inhabitants’ health. Carbon dioxide buildup can occur in a home, office, or school where there is poor ventilation. An abundance of this gas can cause respiratory problems and lethargy. Asthma sufferers can be particularly affected by exposure to carbon dioxide. Headaches, lack of concentration, and other mental health symptoms can arise.

Huge Savings

Clean, well-functioning heat recovery ventilators can save on energy costs. Heat recovery ventilators maximize air circulation and create an optimal transfer of heat.

A Must for Every Home

Heat recovery ventilators’ high efficiency (and other benefits) make them desirable for homes and buildings. The savings can outweigh the costs of installation, and by limiting harmful gas you are protecting the health of all who spend time under your roof.

Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance

To maintain optimal performance of your heat recovery ventilator, regular cleaning and care is necessary. This is a job for experienced professionals. Call Dr. Duct for the regular maintenance of your heat recovery ventilator in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.


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