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Ottawa Dryer Vent Cleaning

A number of home fires leading to death and injury may be traced to dirty dryer vents that didn’t receive proper cleaning and maintenance. As lint and other elements accumulate they block the dryer vent, increasing temperatures and exposing your property to risk of fire. Damage can be extensive and is particularly tragic because it’s preventable with regular dryer vent cleaning.

Eliminate Fire Risk

Dryers are used regularly in most homes (especially ones with babies and/or children). With every use, lint gets trapped or accumulated in the vents, hampering air circulation. When airflow is blocked or impeded, the dryer has to work harder. Eventually, it can overheat. A dryer fire (especially at night) is a dangerous scenario.

Extend the Life of Your Dryer

airduct2Regular dryer vent cleaning improves the equipment’s efficiency. Not only will your dryer work more quickly, it will last longer. Avoid the cost of repairs and replacing your machinery. With proper care, dryers can provide years of service.

When a dryer vent becomes clogged or blocked by lint, old tissues, and other particles, the machine is forced to work harder. This strain may ultimately damage your machine, increase energy costs, and affect the life of the dryer.

Regular cleaning of the dryer vent is important for the safety of your home and all who live under your roof. The risk of fire cannot be ignored. Save on maintenance and dryer replacement costs by having your dryer ducts and vents cleaned regularly. Dr. Duct in Ottawa and and will gladly schedule a time to look at the ducts and recommend ways to keep your household safe.


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