Homes are dwellings that can literally breathe life into families by supplying fresh, clean air. To fulfill this purpose, homes have air ducts that regulate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning so occupants can stay healthy and comfortable. To keep air ducts fully functional, monitoring and replacement should be a regular routine. Otherwise, property owners might experience long-term problems, affecting finances.

Duct replacement is necessary when:

  • A home is old. Homes older than 10 years may need air ducts replaced. Often, air ducts constructed in residential units are low-cost and not long-lasting. If they are not replaced on time, the ducts may leak and damage property.
  • A home is dusty. Air ducts circulate, regulate, and filter air that gets inside homes. Through this process, ducts accumulate dust. Regular cleanings remove dust particles. If excessive dust continues to appear, your ducts might need replacing.
  • High utility bills. Are you paying exorbitantly high bills? This could mean you are losing energy through unidentified leaks in your air ducts. Have them checked by an expert; leaks are trickier to repair and seal. If the damage is severe, a replacement could be necessary.
  • Central air not functioning. Is your heating and cooling system making a lot of noise? Are some of your rooms either too hot or cold? This could mean that your ducts might not be the right size for your needs and are not functioning well. Ask a professional to recommend which size works best for your home.
  • Mould in the ducts. Another disadvantage to neglecting your ductwork: moisture may accumulate and form mould over time. Air quality is reduced and may aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

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