Signs of Black Mold in Home Climate System

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Water from nature or condensation builds up in puddles all around it. Some parts of the unit sweat when they are running frequently on a warm day. When this moisture is constant, mold will grow.

• Mold Smells – Once you smell mold, you never forget its odor. If you just cannot seem to locate the source, check the air conditioner unit and the duct work. The odor is first noticeable when the unit starts blowing air throughout the home.

• Family Illness – The family is notably ill more often. Some may suffer from cold and sinus symptoms, others may become very ill.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Duct Work

First, get a home mold test kit. These can be purchased at the local hardware store. Make sure to check each room and around the air vents. Take the tester around the unit itself. This will help narrow the area that has black mold growth.

• Clean A/C Unit and Duct Work Often – An air conditioner unit needs regular cleaning in order to prevent mold growth. If mold grows in the unit, it will quickly spread throughout the duct work and the spores will blow all over every room. Regular cleaning of the entire home climate control system will clean up existing mold and prevent it from coming back.

• Keep Fan Auto – Allowing the fan to run constantly will keep the moisture from constantly circulating.

• Use a Dehumidifier Control the moisture in the home with a dehumidifier to control the moisture that allows mold to grow. Many modern heating and air conditioning systems include options that will adjust the moisture content in the home.

• Use the Proper Size Unit – Units that are too large for the space create more moisture. More moisture means increase in black mold risk. Using the proper size unit will help control moisture and condensation.

Hire a Professional

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Professional HVAC technicians are trained to clean the mold from the entire heating and air conditioning system from the unit to the duct and floor vents. Dr. Duct’s professional HVAC service in Ottawa Canada will keep your entire home air quality system clean and mold free. Call for your free estimate 613-845-0707.