Central air and heat are a desirable necessity in many areas throughout the country. To ensure air flows unobstructed and evenly from room to room, tubing called “duct work” is hidden in walls, attic spaces, and/or basements depending on the size, type and style of the central unit.

How Duct Systems Work

Why Your Home May Need a Vent Cleaning Service Conducted Immediately

Central air and heating systems have basic concepts but are complex in design. The air is drawn in through an intake vent, sent to the unit to heat or cool, and then is forced back through the ductwork and into a home or office. Unfortunately, the system can only take in available air (which is often filled with allergens like dust particles, pet dander, pollen, biological contaminants, cigarette smoke) and anything else found in the air. The particulates filling each room can aggravate allergies, cause asthma, and create other health issues. Without periodic cleaning, duct work can become worn, damaged, or blocked — making the unit ineffective and increasing the cost of use and repairs.

Duct Work Maintenance

air duct cleaning

Needless to say, regular maintenance is essential to the reduction of airborne particulates that directly impact the health of humans and animals. It also ensures that ductwork exposed to the environment and pests remains in good condition and free from blockage in order to maximize the efficiency of the system, and save energy costs.

At one time, cleaning duct work with harsh chemicals was the only option. The result was an allergic reaction to toxins (young children and the elderly were found to be especially sensitive). It wasn’t long before the industry realized the importance creating more eco-friendly cleaning systems that were safer for residents and the environment as well.

Important Considerations

Second Hand Smoke May Fade Away but What It Leaves Behind in Your Ductwork Won’t

Please consider the following issues when you’re concerned about air quality in a home or office:

  • To determine when ducts need to be cleaned, look in vents to determine the amount of particulates that may have accumulated and whether or not mold is present. If accumulation is excessive and/or if mold is present, then hiring a professional company specializing in ductwork cleaning is essential.
  • Make sure the company you use does not use chemical biocides or treatments unless you are fully knowledgeable about the ingredients of products to be used and the potential reaction to humans and pets present.
  • Make sure the company selected is experienced, knowledgeable about your system, practices procedures designed to protect residents from contamination, uses products that comply with national standards, and holds relevant licenses and/or certifications.

Advantages of Cleaning Duct Work and Help


The biggest advantages of eco-friendly cleaning of ductwork in a home or office are the health benefits from improved air quality. Also, reducing exposure to chemical toxins will ensure that allergic reactions are minimized or eliminated. For more information on this topic or to determine if you need duct cleaning services in Canada, please call Dr. Duct at (613) 845-0707 today.