After a long, arduous day at work, coming home to breathe in the scent of stale and stuffy house can be unnerving. Instead of lighting scented candles and incense, using chemical sprays, and trying to mask the smell, there are other actions you can take to breathe easily.

Air quality can be affected by humidity, temperature, and air movement. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are installed in order to optimise these conditions.

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In order for these systems to function properly, buildings ought to be airtight; but this comes with a price. Airtight spaces seal stale air in buildings while keeping fresh air out. One way to allow the fresh influx of air is to open windows. Unfortunately, this takes a toll on the HVAC, costing a household in energy/hydro bills. This is where Heat Recovery Vent systems (HRV) come into play.

Heating Recovery Ventilators:

  • Promote efficient use of energy.
  • Cut heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Regulate humidity.
  • Prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Provide fresh air while reducing CO2 levels.
  • Improve air quality, filtering pollutants and allergens.

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HRV and Heating

In colder seasons, opening a window will let fresh air in but allow heat to escape. The heating systems in place need to work overtime to regain that heat and maintain the set temperature. As a result, more energy is used. A heat recovery ventilator acts as an air exchanger, trading hot stuffy air from the inside for fresh air from the outside while transferring heat from the outflow to the inflow.

HRV and Air Conditioning

In the summer, the weather outdoors can get both hot and humid. With heat recovery ventilators in place, humidity and heat are kept in check. This reduces the need to use air conditioning systems, saving money on energy costs. The HRV ability to keep humidity levels at a minimum also keeps mould and mildew from developing in your home and damaging health and property.

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Ensure that your home remains just that — a private haven that can give you the much-needed stability and repose from the hassles of everyday living. Install heat recovery ventilators (HRV) to keep the air in your house breathable and smelling fresh. Contact professionals from Dr. Duct at (613) 845-0707 for installation of heat recovery vent systems in Ottawa.