When winter hits, everyone is going to be staying inside and cuddling close to each other in the warm glow of firelight. For people that do own fireplaces, making sure that the flue and chimney are still working properly is a good idea right around the time that fall hits. When looking over things to check that they are in proper working order, make sure that you call a professional that deals with chimneys if there are any problems that you discover. It is a good idea to call a professional before the problem starts to expand and you put yourself in a dangerous situation or have to pay more money for bigger repairs.

The Outside of The Chimney

The Need to Know on Getting Your Fireplace Ready for This WinterOne thing that you can do to make sure that everything is ok and in working order when it comes to your chimney is to go outside and look for problems with the exterior of the chimney that pop-out at you. Some of the things to look for are signs of leaning, chips in the bricks or masonry joints, holes and cracks. If you have a chimney that was built in a factory using metal, make sure to look for any stains, sections that have become lose and corrosion. If the case is that you have a chimney that is uncovered in the attic of your house, be sure to do a visual check there too.

The Chimney Cover (cap)

If your chimney is the proud owner of a good cap, then it should have reduced damage from the weather and animals. If a chimney is left uncapped, the weather (snow and rain) can cause really bad damage expansion-wise if it begins to freeze and also begins to thaw. Some different types of small animals have been known to go into chimneys and try to nest, causing the chimney to clog and they can also cause there to be unwanted ticks, worms, fleas or any of the other types of pests that can spread disease into your house. If you make the decision to put a cap on your chimney that has a mesh screen, you will save yourself a lot of trouble that comes from animals, sparks and ambers.

Checking for Leaks & Stains

While inside, one thing to look for when it comes to chimneys is any type of stain that is visible in the vicinity of the chimney. Any type of dampness or stain that you see may have been from defective flashing that is around the area of the chimney on the line of the roof, or it could be from a defective flue liner. It is a good time to place a call to a professional for chimneys when you are seeing the signs that there is water in the vicinity of the chimney.

Checking on The Flue

The door called the clean-out door should be able to be found in the basement or on the outside of the home and the clean-out door is on the base of the flue. You should open this door and check the flue to see if you can find any problems such as holes, cracks or separations with the help of a flashlight or some other object to see into the flue. If you are seeing any of these signs of damage, it is a good idea to call a professional who specializes in clean air services for help.

Taking a Look at The Interior

You will want to start by visually inspecting for any wear and tear that is on the brickwork to the fireplace. After this, make sure to remember to look at the damper, the damper should be able to be closed and opened with no problems. Then begin to look more closely at the smoke chamber, which is located right above where the damper is, and see if you can find any signs of what you think might be soot buildup. If you find any of these signs, this is another time that you should place a call to a local professional.

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