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Frequently Asked Questions

Spring cleaning and preparation for winter often involves washing floors, organizing closets, and other household chores. Cleaning your ductwork and dryer vents should also be on the “to-do” list.  While these two areas are often overlooked, they can greatly impact home and work life. An unclean duct system may contain harmful bacteria, germs, dust mites, mould and mildew. It is imperative to clean ducts after a home renovation or addition. Cleaning can boost furnace and air conditioning efficiency and save you money.

Dr. Duct is proud to use the best equipment available. We use truck vacuum compressed air, CCTV cameras for inspection, and employ extendable power units for direct contact cleaning. We also clean out the blower fan, the heat exchanger, and the evaporator coil. Your entire system will be cleaned, including vents, piping, liners, ductwork, drop boxes, and the air handling unit.
An average job takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, using a team of two technicians. Various unforeseen factors can impact time (e.g. finished/unfinished basement, newer/versus older house, never cleaned or improper previous duct cleaning, etc.).
Typically a duct cleaning will last five to seven years. Renovations, family pets, how many people reside on/visit the property, time spent out of the home during winter months, allergies and asthma all affect the longevity of the duct cleaning.
Systems that have never been cleaned or lack proper care do not run efficiently. Save on your heating and cooling bills by cleaning and maintaining your air handling system. It will have a longer life span, be less likely to break down, and run more quietly.
Disinfectant is a product we apply to the interior surface of the duct system. It will eliminate bacteria, germs, dust mites, fungus, mould, mildew and other microscopic particles. By applying disinfectant, the positive effects of duct cleaning can last an additional 2 to 3 years. We use a natural product that both kills bacteria and adds a light, refreshing scent throughout your home.
There are absolutely no hazards when you have qualified technicians cleaning your ducts. We use naturally-based disinfectants and enzymes with compressed air and strong vacuum suction.
Once your duct cleaning is complete, the furnace fan system can be turned on. You shouldn’t hear any noise from residue left behind. A new high performance furnace filter is installed and, after two weeks, should remain clean and white. A brown or black filter indicates that it needs to be replaced and your system is dirty.
Depending upon setup and usage, the dryer vent should be cleaned every two to four years. Homeowners can perform a visual inspection to check for blockage at the dryer vent exhaust. If the top of the dryer feels extremely warm to the touch, a blockage may be creating a backflow into the dryer machine.
Not cleaning your dryer vent can cause serious damage to the dryer machine and your home. Consistent flow is necessary behind the back of the dryer and throughout the ducting that connects to the outside vent. Blockage reduces the dryer’s performance. Your clothes will take to dry, the machine will use more energy, and the added heat and effort affect the lifespan of the dryer. Dirty and blocked vents can also cause dangerous fires.


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