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This is to confirm that Dr. Duct cleaned our ducts in September and did a superb job. It was gratifying to know that a very good job was done as the air is now very fresh and basically “dust free”. We had just had two bathrooms reconstructed so there was definitely dust in the pipes.

It is also good to know that the ducts do not need cleaning again for 5 – 7 years. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for duct cleaning as the company was also very accommodating since we were supposed to have the cleaning done in June and no date was available so the job was done in September.

This worked out well for us anyway since the cleaning was done after the reconstruction and before the heating system kicked in for the Fall and Winter. Thanks again, folks, for a job well done.

Lynne Stacey

Dear Mark, Just a short note to tell you that the service I received from your team was EXCELLENT. You were recommended by our long time furnace maintenance company as we were wary of less than reputable duct cleaning companies.

Glad we went with you. Arrived on time, professional and courteous making sure to protect hard wood floor and wall corners. Walked me through the process, showed me on mini TV the dust and cleaning in the vents and most importantly no surprises at the end when it came to the bill. Got my moneys worth.

Kevin in Cumberland

Hi Mark, I am very pleased with the duct cleaning service I received on June 14/2013 .Your employees were very professional and polite. I received several calls from other duct cleaning companies recently who offered very low prices and one who offered free service ! I am concerned that some of these companies were not reputable companies. I made the right choice to call your company. Thank you!


Firstly, we were impressed by the detailed information and assessment received upon the initial contact with the company owner Mark Jolicoeur. We are pleased to express our complete satisfaction with the duct work that was completed in our residence in June 2013.

Roll-out carpets were put on our flooring, corner guards were put up on our corner walls to avoid any damage during the duct cleaning operation, a video screen was set up so that we could see the work as it was being done. Also, the employees were courteous, efficient and attentive to our particular concerns regarding a specific area in the furnace room; they were diligent and made extra efforts in this sense.

Upon completing the work, they were even careful to clean up. According to us, we regard this type of service to be of high quality especially due to the fact that there is so much competition in the duct cleaning industry. We highly recommend Dr. Duct to anyone seeking this type of professional services. Thank you.

Richard & Lee

Hi Mark, I certainly have no hesitation in giving you my very positive comments on the work completed in my home on Friday, June 22nd, 2007. Firstly, you and your team were very prompt in arriving at the time arranged. With quickness and ease, the large vacuum-type hose was attached to our furnace and the process started in cleaning the ductwork throughout my home.

You and your two assistants, each handling a specific part of the job, began to clean the inside of our furnace, check and clean the workings of the electronic air cleaner as well as power-vacuuming the main duct system of our home. Each of the airflow vents including the air return vents located throughout the house were hand-vacuumed removing any debris and dust.

On another note, while I had informed you that the air ventilation system was cleaned by another company about 10 years ago, it was soon realized that a major section of the house could not have been cleaned because the ceiling in our finished basement prevented accessing the main ductwork especially to the main level. With a hole cut through the basement ceiling and into the main duct system, you were able to complete the cleaning of our main floor. A spring-loaded cover was fixed over the hole creating instant access for future cleanings.

A no mess, no fuss type of job. We are almost a week later and my daughter and husband, following a night’s sleep, awaken without congestion due to dust allergies. Again, a noticeable improvement in our airflow. Thank you very much for a job well done, and you are welcome to the candles. Much appreciated.


Hello Mark and team, You and your assistant cleaned our duct work on the 5th of September. My wife and I were shocked with the amount of dirt/rocks/drywall pieces etc. removed from the duct system. A few years ago we hired another company to clean the system. It is now obvious that the job wasn’t done correctly.

The original loose construction material was still in the duct work from when the house was first constructed. I would not have believed what was removed except for seeing it myself on your robots and camera equipment that you hooked up to the inside of the duct work. Unbelievable!

After completion we noticed a remarkable difference in the airflow. Our upstairs bedrooms were always very cold or hot depending on the season, even with the heat or air cranked. We just weren’t getting proper maximum airflow. I’m confident we will notice a huge difference, both on heating and air-conditioning, with I’m sure, a reduced monthly bill on both.

The entire inside of the duct work looks brand new. Also, thanks for the advise on filter types for maximum performance from our furnace. With the average savings you mentioned, after cleaning the system, the cost of hiring your company pays for itself in 3-4 years. Finally, fresh dust free air. Bravo!

Terry & Elaine

Mark I would like to thank you for the thorough job you have done in my home. Not only is the air cleaner, but my family can breathe again. When I saw on camera the debris that came out, I was speechless. Also, the dryer runs better with less drying time. Please know that I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Thank you for a job well done.


WOW ! September 4 Hello Mark, I called you to come and clean the ducts and furnace of our house. Your quotation was exactly the same as others – meaning fair price. What I did not expect is the professionalism that you showed to my wife and I. After visualizing our furnace and ducts you asked us when last it was cleaned as well as numerous questions on when and how we were changing our filters, as well as if we had any animals in the house, if any of us had asthma, and if we had any problems lately.

I told you that we had the ducts cleaned 2 years ago and showed you the bill and answered your question to find out from you that it was not necessary to clean the ducts for the moment, just continue to change filters and told us many advice on how to determine when it was time to call your services. I must admit I was astonished. In the past, we had dealt with two different companies and never were we asked those kinds of questions neither provided advice like this.

Moreover, you have come to our house, spent money on gas and time, to in the end tell us that we did not need to have the ducts clean for the moment. This is one of the rare time I have seen or heard this – Total honesty and professionalism all the way. In your field, we know that there is all kind of people and not necessarily professional.

I admit that in your case, this is the total opposite and I will definitively refer you to all that I know and this is why I am so pleased to send you this E-mail. I thank you again for your advice and what a change to deal with real professionals that do care about their customers.


I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for an excellent cleaning. The gentleman who attended my home today were very professional, polite and cleanly. They removed their boots or wore sockettes to cover, moved furniture back in place replaced vent covers and ensured I was informed all the way through. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.


Hey Mark, wanted to say thank you. The guys did a very good job, very professional. Thanks again!


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See 5-star Reviews From Customers Like You

I highly recommend Dr. Duct. I shopped around and they gave the best estimate. They arrived as scheduled, did a great job, cleaned up and the price was as originally quoted. They were extremely professional and cheerful.


Third time that I have used Dr. Duct. I am very happy with the results. Excellent service. Great team of workers.


I am well pleased with the services I received with Dr. Duct. These guys did a great job replacing my dryer piping and repairing a rattling air duct. Very reasonable prices too.


Great work Dr Duct! We appreciated your thoroughness and attention to the smaller details that guarantee a first-class job! This year, thanks to your fine work, we can say that as far as our home is concerned Spring really did arrive early.

Renée & John

The guys were very professional, great job, I was even able to watch it all on the screen. That was a eye opener. Would definitely recommend them.


I had great experience with these guys. Came on time, put a lot of effort and attention to detail. Their price was 30% cheaper than their competitors (they had a promo at that time). As it turned out a lot of the HVAC companies in Ottawa re-sell third party duct cleaning services..


The guys arrived on time and did an excellent job. They invited us to watch the monitor as they were cleaning the ductwork. Very professional. Will hire them again.

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