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Central Vac Cleaning in Ottawa

Why have professional central vacuum cleaning performed in your home or building? Your central vacuum may not be working as efficiently as it should, and cleaning the system is a difficult job. Specialized tools and equipment are necessary to reach deep into the system’s tubing and canister to remove years of buildup.

Central vacuum systems typically contain more dust and allergens than any other area of the home. A complete system cleaning will ensure optimal performance, reduce allergens in the home, and provide a longer life expectancy for your central vacuum unit.

System Design

The main purpose of a central vacuum system is to remove dust, debris, and allergens from the home. However, these materials have a long way to travel before reaching the collection canister. Many central vacuum systems are installed after a home is built. This leads to more obstacles when installing the system through the walls and floors of your home, creating a need for extra bends in the piping and additional overall length.

Central Vaccum

Central Vac Maintenance and Cleaning

Central vacuum systems tend to be overlooked when considering annual maintenance or cleaning. Emptying the canister is a great first step towards keeping your system clean and running efficiently, however there are many other areas that also need attention:

  • Filter – The central vacuum unit has its own filtration system to help contain the material that has been vacuumed up. This filter needs to stay clean to ensure proper operating efficiency and suction power of the vacuum. A dirty filter will cause a restriction in airflow, making the vacuum work harder to maintain proper suction, which will reduce the life of your system.

  • Motor and interior – Your vacuum’s filter isn’t perfect. Some finer dust and debris can pass through the filter or get between cracks and gaps, and then accumulate inside the motor and other interior areas of the vacuum unit. This buildup creates extra friction in the motor, causing it to work harder, operate less efficiently, and reduces the life expectancy of the unit.

  • Piping – Bends in the piping creates areas where materials can collect, restricting suction and trapping excess dust and allergens. The buildup of such materials will lead to a reduction in suction power, and poor overall performance. In some cases, this buildup can create foul odours or spread allergens throughout the home.

Professional Expertise and Service

Our technicians set up our high capacity vacuum within the canister section of the central vacuum system, and then apply high pressure compressed air through each access point throughout the home. This combination of air pressure and suction will safely and effectively dislodge any blockage or material that has built up inside the central vacuum tubing. Each central vacuum unit then has its waste canister emptied, its filter inspected, and the motor section blown out to ensure that there is no dust or debris to obstruct or impede the motor operation. We also offer an optional complete system disinfectant to ensure that no allergens or bacteria will remain in the system.

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I highly recommend Dr. Duct. I shopped around and they gave the best estimate. They arrived as scheduled, did a great job, cleaned up and the price was as originally quoted. They were extremely professional and cheerful.


Great work Dr Duct! We appreciated your thoroughness and attention to the smaller details that guarantee a first-class job! This year, thanks to your fine work, we can say that as far as our home is concerned Spring really did arrive early.

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Third time that I have used Dr. Duct. I am very happy with the results. Excellent service. Great team of workers.


The guys were very professional, great job, I was even able to watch it all on the screen. That was a eye opener. Would definitely recommend them.


The guys arrived on time and did an excellent job. They invited us to watch the monitor as they were cleaning the ductwork. Very professional. Will hire them again.


I am well pleased with the services I received with Dr. Duct. These guys did a great job replacing my dryer piping and repairing a rattling air duct. Very reasonable prices too.

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