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Greeley Services for Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt and mould that cluster in the air vents of your property are a threat that endangers all the occupants of any home or business. Whether it concerns the health of those who are prone to allergies or improving the breathing conditions and comfort of everyone indoors, having clean air ducts is essential. Indoor air can be more polluted than what we breathe outdoors! Dr. Duct is proud to provide professional air duct cleaning services for home and business owners in Greeley. Our team can perform:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Dryer Repairs
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Vent Cleaning
  • Insulation Removal
  • Air Exchangers /Heat Recovery Ventilators

Winter is a rough season for anyone who hates the cold. Your property’s HVAC system should be able to warm those who occupy your indoor areas. Dirty vents cannot efficiently circulate air to heat the rooms inside a home or office. Unclean vents and damaged insulation will not be able to control the temperature of the home as they are designed to, and (as a result) increase the cost of power consumption and maintenance. Problems within the insulation could also be caused by pest infestation, especially rodents that have decided to build a home in the air ducts. We at Dr. Duct offer safe and professional removal and repair of insulation that’s been chewed by mice and rats.

Air ducts that have been exposed to too much moisture from leaks or humidity are a breeding ground for mould to form and spread throughout the property. The mould then pollutes the air and causes health problems for all who breathe it. The mould that spreads to the walls and ceilings releases spores, weakening the structure and, potentially, the stability of the property. Purging your home of mould is difficult for a novice and may cause additional breathing and health difficulties. An air duct cleaning is what you need, and we at Dr. Duct are fully capable of providing that service.

Air pollution is an even bigger problem when we acknowledge that it may spread to the kitchen and bathroom. In this case, it is also prudent to check and clean the kitchen and bathroom vents. Dust and debris that gets stuck in the vents cause increased power consumption. Grease and dust in a kitchen — and accumulating cobwebs — may block the fans and drastically reduce their performance. Kitchen and bathroom vent cleaning gets rid of any odours or smoke that may remain after cooking.

Another appliance that may suffer from blocked vents is your dryer. Dryer vents are necessary for the cleanliness of any property with a laundry room. Badly managed dryer vents have the potential to cause deadly fires. Having a professional perform dryer vent cleaning can reduce fire risk, and ultimately saves money in home maintenance and repair fees.

Dr. Duct is happy to provide air duct cleaning services throughout Greeley and Ontario and have a team of professionals standing by to serve our neighbours. Call us at (613) 558-5868, or send us an email at