Kitchen and Bathroom Vent Cleaning

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Kitchen and Bathroom Vent Cleaning

Project Description

A bathroom can be a source of solace. A soak in the tub, a hot shower — even washing our faces and hands  — can help us feel fresh and rejuvenated. A dirty bathroom with poor air quality or musty smells can be the result of dirty or clogged ducts. Many of us spend a lot of time cleaning tiles, floors, and tubs, but we forget that the ducts leading away from the bathroom fan need attention as well.

Ottawa Kitchen and Bathroom Vent CleaningA bathroom vent is often ignored until it gives off a foul smell or we detect stale air in the washroom. By this time, this dirty bathroom vent may already be creating health issues for those who use the toilet or shower. Regular bathroom vent cleaning is essential for condominiums, hotels, and other buildings specializing in housing and hospitality.

Harm outside the Bathroom

Due to its unique purpose, the bathroom releases a different type of exhaust through ducts and vents. This air might pass through the ventilation system into other areas of a home or building. Dust, dirt, stale air, and odours emanating from the bathroom may materialize in other areas of the building or the home. This can affect the health and comfort of any of the building’s inhabitants.

Vital Vent Cleaning

A clean bathroom is not  limited to solely scrubbing and wiping floors, sinks, shelves, and accessories. Cleaning the bathroom vents is also important. This vital task should not be left to the regular maintenance and housekeeping crew. Duct cleaning can be a complex and difficult job that requires the expertise of professionals. Dr. Duct has experts who can help keep the air in your bathrooms breathable and clean.


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