Chimney Variations for Different PurposesChimneys aren’t just a simple way to let smoke and fumes escape from a fireplace or furnace, they can be fairly delicate, and if not properly cared for you could put your family at serious risk of death.

Deadly Gas

Whether you’re burning wood or oil, it creates carbon monoxide, which at low levels causes dizziness, headaches, nausea, faintness and confusion, at high levels it will kill you. The most common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning and death is from blocked up chimneys, from debris, soot buildup, damage, and even animals, particularly bird building nests on the small, warm vent. By cleaning the chimney and having it inspected regularly, this danger goes from being a large risk to a freak accident, that is completely avoidable with a carbon monoxide detector.

Chimney Fire and Smoke Damage

Dirty chimneys will block smoke from leaving properly, cause heat buildup, and can even leave burnable materials all along the inside of the chimney raising the risk of fire. If your chimney is blocked by soot or debris, consider yourself lucky if you have smoke leak out staining your walls, floors and furniture. It will cost money to clean up, but it’s mostly messy.

A chimney fire starts off small, and very hard to detect, but in minutes it can and will spread all along the chimney, setting fire to every floor in the house at the same time or within a few minutes of each other. This is one reason chimney fires often end in the total destruction of the house.

Your chimney is important to your home. Getting it professionally cleaned and maintained will ensure you and your home remain warm, safe and healthy.