When you’re trying to stay cool during the hot summer months, keeping your A/C on is often the easiest option. However, using the A/C too often can bring your energy bills up. To avoid any additional costs, use these tips to improve your energy efficiency while staying cool.

  • Weatherize the house – Cold air should stay in, and hot air out. Basic weatherization around the house can improve retention of your cold air. Seal your windows to close any leaks. Add insulation around your air conditioning ducts to enhance airflow retention at the source.
  • Keep the A/C shaded – Your A/C’s job is to cool the air, but you can make its job easier. Keep the area surrounding the A/C well shaded. Air in that area will be cooler than in the rest of the house, and the unit will have an easier time if conditions are more cool.
  • Watch heat-generating appliances – Avoid placing heat-generating appliances (e.g. lamps and TV sets) near the thermostat. It can pick up this extra heat and make the A/C run longer than necessary.


  • Reduce sunlight – When sunlight streams through your windows, the temperature inside the house rises. Block the sunlight to lower this effect and stay cool. Plant trees, close blinds, and close curtains to limit how much sunlight enters.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust temperatures for you. This can come in handy when you’re asleep or out of the house. You can program your thermostat to adjust according to the time or season to make your A/C more efficient.
  • Cook outside – Cooking generates more heat, which can put more strain on your A/C. Avoid cooking indoors to prevent the heat from circulating indoors. Summer is a great time for outdoor cooking, so take advantage of the season and cook outside on a barbeque. You can also use cooking appliances that produce less heat (e.g. crockpots).
  • Stay low – Hot air rises, so avoid spending too much time in the upper levels of your home. If your bedroom’s upstairs, you can lower the temperature at night to save on power, while keeping it on during the day.


Using these tips can help you strike a balance between staying cool and reducing your A/C bills. Aside from this advice, perform regular maintenance on your A/C system to keep it efficient. Contact professional HVAC services for repairs and inspections.

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