The air in your home circulates through your vents and ducts throughout the day. This means that the air is constantly recirculating, making it crucial for the vents to remain as clean as possible.

A professional cleaning removes dust, debris, and contaminants from your duct and vent systems. Here are six health benefits of having your ducts professionally cleaned.

Reduce the Presence of Allergens

dirty window ventelation

Air ducts contain harmful contaminants and micro-organisms that can trigger allergic reactions. These include mildew, pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. If anyone in your household has respiratory issues, they can be particularly sensitive to these contaminants. Having your air ducts and vents cleaned regularly will prevent any respiratory complications and improve the air quality in your home.

Help Everyone Breathe Better

Even without allergies or chronic respiratory issues, clean air is essential to good respiratory health. Regularly cleaning your ducts and vents creates a more comfortable environment in your home.

Remove Any Infestation

rat in your home

Pests like cockroaches, rats and mice, and spiders may have already made a home in your ducts or vents. Having a professional clean your vents or ducts will keep pests at bay. A pest-free home also prevents risk of disease transmission these pests may pose (e.g. leptospirosis, Weil’s disease, Lyme disease, etc.)

Remove Unpleasant Odours

Pets, paint fumes, cigarette use, and mould can contribute to stale smells in your home. The accumulation of debris and dust in your air ducts creates a musty smell, while their presence in your vents can compromise the vent’s ability to remove bad odours from the air. Bathroom and kitchen vents also trap unpleasant scents. Detailed cleaning of your air ducts and vents can remove particles that trap odour so that fresh, clean air can circulate.

Peace of Mind

You can rest better knowing that your entire home, including its vent and duct systems, are clean. Additionally, clean vents reduce the likelihood of other hazards, such as fire or explosion. A well-maintained bathroom vent can also keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Cleaning your vents and ducts by yourself is not recommended. Incorrect cleaning techniques can cause your ducts to become susceptible to more dust and debris. It’s recommended to call a professional to clean any ducts or vents. This will prevent any further complications.

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