Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned If My House Is Brand New?

Remember when you first decided to build a house? Remember the excitement of driving by and seeing the big hole in the ground, the foundations, the walls, and now, finally, a finished product? The contractors are gone, the paint has dried, it is plumbed and wired — and so are you. You walk through the house, enjoying the smell of fresh paint and carpet. Maybe it’s a hot day and you flip on the air, breathing deeply the exhaust from those brand-new air ducts… and you think about all those sweaty builders, the sawdust, the drywall, the paint chips, the sheet rock mud… Wait a minute! How clean are your “new” air ducts?

New Air Ducts in a New House Aren’t Necessarily Clean

Why Your Home May Need a Vent Cleaning Service Conducted Immediately

Unless you made cleaning the ducts part of the building contract, your air ducts have already been compromised. That means all the dirt, sawdust, nails, sheetrock joint compound (and who knows what else) from the building process is lurking in your air ducts, waiting to be blown all over your clean new house.

Allergy-Free? Not Me!

Improving Indoor Air and Reducing Allergy Symptoms

You may think your new home is free from allergens; sadly, that is not the case. Take, for example, one wall of your home. That wall’s construction contributed allergens and microfibres from:

  • Treated boards
  • Insulation fiberglass
  • Gypsum dust from sheet rock
  • Joint compound dust

…not to mention the odd screws, nails, and bits of plastic that have made their way into your ducts.

The best way to protect yourself and all other inhabitants and guests to your dream home is to have ducts cleaned before you fully take residence (or shortly thereafter). Spend no additional time looking for a cleaner. Call a professional and efficient company that provides peace of mind: Dr. Duct! We can be reached at (613) 845-0707 for a free estimate. Fresh air never felt so good.