How useful can a Chimney be?

Technological improvements for heating and insulation over the years have made fireplaces less necessary for winter warmth. However, many of us still enjoy using a crackling fire, and our chimneys still need to be cleaned. Though made of brick and mortar, chimneys are not free from of hazards and risks. Newer homes with fireplaces also need chimney cleaning. Just like air ducts should have lint and other inhibiting substances removed, our smokestacks need yearly attention.


How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Fireplace Chimney Safety

Soot buildup and other particles in the chimney can create congestion and quickly fill a room with smoke and gas (like carbon monoxide). Chimney fires are also a concern if congestive materials are not cleaned away regularly. Creosote is often the main cause of chimney fires. It usually forms after soot has started collecting and combining with other elements. Chimney fires can spread rapidly and cause serious damage to a house, endangering those inside.

Professional Cleaning

Why Professional Chimney Cleaning is Critical

Professionals who clean chimneys are not like the old-time “sweeps” who simply ran brushes and other simple tools up and down the chimneys. Today’s experts have special cleaning liquids and sophisticated machinery that help eliminate all dangerous particles. They can also perform the job relatively quickly. A qualified team will be certified to do the job safely without creating additional hazards or mess inside the home. It’s not a job for an amateur.

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