Frigid winter temperatures require the residents of any home to rely more heavily on heating systems. Before the cold arrives, it is important to check the furnace to ensure it is fully functional when you need it. The furnace air filter also needs regular changing. Read why it’s important to change your filter for winter:



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1. Function. Furnaces often fail because the filter is dirty or clogged. Change the filter every three months.

2. Lifespan. Furnaces commonly break down because of dirty filters. A clogged one forces the motor and compressor to work harder — which can cause the system to overheat. A clean filter allows proper air flow.

3. Energy. A spike in hydro costs isn’t unusual during the winter months. However, a filthy air filter requires a furnace to double its efforts to function. To keep energy costs manageable, frequently change air filters.

Five Reasons to Change Your Air Filter for Winter


4. Air quality. A dirty air filter can instigate health problems; especially for those with allergies or respiratory problems. Indoor air can be polluted than what we breathe outside. Filters remove pet dander, dirt, dust, and other allergens that may be circulating throughout a home.

5. Stress. Changing air filters prior to the cold months of January and February can reduce hassles in the New Year. Knowing your heating system will function as expected when sub-zero temperatures hit will put your mind at ease.


Five Reasons to Change Your Air Filter for Winter


To avoid filter or furnace problems, call for professional cleaning today. Regular heating systems checkups can keep you toasty this winter. Contact Dr. Duct at (613) 845-0707 and get the service you need.