Second Hand Smoke Isn’t the Only Bad Guy

Second Hand Smoke May Fade Away but What It Leaves Behind in Your Ductwork Won’t


Knowing that second hand smoke contains over 40 substances which have been linked to cancer is a scary thought. However, even in a place which has never allowed smoking, that doesn’t keep a person safe from other things such as dust mites, pet dander, or mold. Considering the ever increasing price of medical care and what it would take to treat a single respiratory illness, using duct cleaning services will save a lot more than it costs. Unless you live in a sealed glass bubble, contacting duct cleaning companies should be at the top of your homes maintenance routine.

Health Matters But So Does Your Money

High-Efficiency Furnaces and Saving Money

Of course a healthy environment should be the first concern but avoiding costly repairs and saving money is a close second for most of us. Duct cleaning companies wouldn’t exist if there weren’t a need for them. It’s a simple fact that well-maintained equipment is more efficient, and lasts longer. Motors and fans don’t have to work as hard to push air when dirt or debris is removed. The smoother the surface that the air has to flow over, the faster it will go and distribution is also improved.

Cleaning Ductwork Shouldn’t Be a “Do It Yourself” Project

Second Hand Smoke May Fade Away but What It Leaves Behind in Your Ductwork Won’t

The phrase “duct cleaning services” cover a lot of ground and even if you’re the type that does your own home maintenance, this is not a good area for experimentation. We have the equipment and experience to get the job done right so give us a call at 613-845-0707, and once pre-cleaning and consultation are complete, our professional staff will arrive, ready to do battle with whatever is lurking behind your vents. Nothing can hide from our powerful vacuum. It will reach deep into your ventilation system and remove everything in its path. When we leave, your ductwork worries will be over. Not much can be done to control an outside environment, but by contacting “Dr. Duct” you can at least begin to enjoy much cleaner indoor air. Contact him today and add yourself to his list of satisfied customers by removing the stress along with the contaminants in your ductwork.