Symptoms of Dust Mites Allergies

Dust mites are certain tiny bugs that are present in every home. If the home is regularly and thoroughly cleaned, they can still be found in small traces. This is because they mostly inhabit areas where dead skin cells are present. This is basically the entire house. Even so, prevention can often help with the problem of dust mites. It can also help to prevent allergies associated with these tiny spiders.

There are some common symptoms of dust mites which are non-threatening but people who suffer from asthma can get serious allergies. Here are symptoms of dust mite allergies to watch out for –

Basic Symptoms Of Dust Mite Allergies – The basic symptoms of dust mite allergies are hard to explain because they are similar to that of any other seasonal allergy. Here are some common ones –

Symptoms of Dust Mites AllergiesRunny Nose – A runny nose is the most common symptom of dust mite allergy.

Itchy Nose – An itchy nose causing constant sneezing can also be a symptom.

Itchy Skin – People might sometimes get itchy skin if they are allergic to dust mites.

Congestion – Congestion due to dust mite allergies is similar to that experienced during a common cold.

Sinus Pressure – This sinus pressure is usually a telltale sign of a dust mite allergy. In some cases, it can also cause facial pain.

Itchy Eyes – People who suffer from dust mite allergy constantly suffer from itchy eyes. The eyes can also get red and might water due to this symptom.

Coughing – Often, dust mites can cause problem with the wind pipe which leads to congestion and constant cough attacks.

Swollen Eye Bags – The sensitive skin beneath the eyes can sometimes turn blue. It can also get swollen due to allergies.

Sleep Problems – Because of all the symptoms above, dust mite allergies are known to cause sleep problems.

Allergy Symptoms Of Asthma Sufferers – Apart from the above mentioned common symptoms, sufferers of asthma have certain other symptoms –

Symptoms of Dust Mites Allergies

Pain In The Chest – Chest pains are common for asthma sufferers. Dust mite allergens in asthma patients can also cause tightness of chest.

Difficulty Breathing – Dust mites worsen the problem of asthma and often cause problems in breathing, in the case of asthma patients.

Shortness of Breath, Wheezing, and Coughing – Asthma patients can often suffer from shortness of breath. They could find themselves reaching for the inhaler too frequently. Coughing and wheezing are other symptoms.

Asthma Attack – When left unchecked, dust mite allergens can cause a severe asthma attack in asthma patients. This is because they would congest the airway and cause breathing trouble.

It is always advisable to visit an allergy specialist to ensure that the symptoms are caused by dust mites and not something else. Both skin tests and blood tests are used for diagnosis.

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