Techniques in cleaning your chimneyChimney cleaning is very important because it can keep fire chimneys to happen. Substances like soot and creosote, accumulates in your chimney every time smoke passes through it, too much of either plugs the chimney and can cause fires. Therefore, you need to know the basics to clean your own chimney, if you aren’t hiring a professional chimney cleaner.

Signs that Your Chimney is Ready for Cleaning

Chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year but if you often use your chimney, twice a year cleanings are necessary. The best time to clean your chimney is during the fall before you start using it heavily during the winter time.

If you’re not sure your chimney needs cleaning, you can check by scraping a portion of the creosote that has accumulated inside the chimney. Make sure to use flashlight and knife to scrape a few inches of the inside of the chimney a foot or two up. If the the build up is an 1/8 inch or more, then it is time for the cleaning process to begin.

Check for Animals

Since chimneys are dark and warm, raccoons and birds often use them for homes. When lighting your chimney, they will block the exit, causing smoke to pour into your house, or worse start a chimney fire. You’ll need to call animal control to deal with this problem before risking a fire.

Cleaning Supplies & Tools

When cleaning a chimney you should already have a dustpan, broom, ladder, brush, and cloth. You will also need a very long stick and rope that can reach all the way down your chimney, as well as a mask and goggles for your safety. If you don’t have these, you won’t be able to safely or properly clean your chimney.

Cleaning a chimney isn’t easy. It requires several hours and a lot of elbow grease. If you can do this great, but if you can’t, call an expert chimney cleaning service.