Tips On Keeping Your Home Warm This WinterBefore you know it old man winter will be knocking at your door. With the changing of seasons comes the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Did you know your cooling and heating systems works overtime to help you during inclement weather? There is a way that you can reduce your energy bills, all while keeping your home comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to keeping your home warm this winter and saving money too.

1. Seal off Any Drafty Areas In The Home

Whether they are coming from under the door or around the windows make no difference, your heating system will work double time to combat the drafts. This is especially true if there are drafts near the thermostat, which will wreck havoc with your temperatures. It can make the furnace run too much and consequently cause the bills to elevate. Caulking is a great method to seal up those drafty spaces, but that is just one method. It’s important to seal off the home from the elements.

2. Having Your Furnace Heating and Cooling System Inspected

Without a furnace, you would freeze in the winter months. A preventative maintenance session can quickly identify any problem areas before they become a service interruption. During this routine session, the technicians will ensure all ducts are attacked and free flowing, they will also look for proper heat flow and that everything is in perfect working order.

3. Insulate

There is one thing that a home can never have too much of, insulation. If you have an older home that doesn’t have any insulation, you need to check the type that can be blown in. If you do have insulation but still feel drafts and have high bills, you need to add more. Check the attic and basement areas to make sure they have adequate insulation. If they don’t, it is more cost efficient to add more insulation than to pay more in heating and cooling bills.

4. Use A Programmable Thermostat

To save money and keep yourself warm, opt for a programmable thermostat. You want the heat to be warmer when you are in the home. You can set the temperatures lower in the day and night time, and then have them increase in the evening hours. This will save you hundreds off your energy bills for the winter months.

5. Get New Windows

Tips On Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

If you have old and drafty windows, it may be time to bite the bullet and replace them. Sure, it’s expensive but new windows can more than pay for themselves in savings. Even if you can’t afford to replace all of the windows, replace the bigger ones and the ones that are letting in the coldest air. Also, another option is to use a plastic insulator until you can get new windows.

Your furnace heating and cooling system are vital to the comfort of your home. Call professional services from Dr. Duct Cleaning Services to ensure that your ducts are clean and giving you the full output you need. Cooling and heating systems are what make the home able to be comfortable. Whether it’s the heat of the summer or the frigid cold temperatures of the winter season, it’s imperative to ensure they are working properly. Ducts collect dust and debris over time and need to be cleaned. When’s the last time you cleaned out your ducts? Perhaps it’s time to give them a call and make sure your home is winter ready.