Key Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap Today

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates over 15,000 dryer-related fires occur each year, causing an estimated $97 million in property loss. Here are some cleaning locations to decrease the risk of deadly and costly fires:

Lint Trap

Don’t Dismiss Dryer Vent and Lint Filter Dusting Duties

25% of the highly-flammable lint that is produced in your dryer is located in an easy-to-clean lint trap. Remove that lint before and/or after every load. Also, if you have something that produces a large amount of lint (e.g. new towels or a really fuzzy blanket), you may consider cleaning the trap in the middle of a drying cycle as well.

Exterior Exhaust

If your clothes are not dry at the end of the cycle, check the exterior exhaust while the dryer is running to be sure it is clean and air is escaping. If it is clear and air is still not escaping, your dryer duct is clogged. Call in professionals for help.

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Dryer Exhaust Duct

If you already have a rigid dryer duct, good. Clean it thoroughly and reinstall it. However, if you have a plastic or foil duct, consider replacing it. Most manufacturers do not recommend that you use these types of duct as they traps lint more easily, are susceptible to kinks, bends, and crushing, and can restrict airflow. When installing a new duct, avoid excessive length, kinks, or more turns than absolutely necessary. By doing so, you’ll decrease the amount of lint buildup in the duct.

Behind the Dryer

While you are checking, cleaning, and possibly replacing your duct, remove all dust and lint behind the dryer. Over time, these materials can build up, and as hot temperatures develop during the drying cycle, fire risk increases.

Flammable Fabrics

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Remember that your dryer gets extremely hot on most cycles. Follow manufacturer instructions and do not dry anything that has had a flammable agent on it, such as grease or oil. Even after washing, it is always safest to hang these items to dry.

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