When cleaning the bathroom, many people overlook exhaust fans and vents. It’s crucial to maintain the cleanliness of these areas to keep them working efficiently. Learn the benefits of maintaining the cleanliness of your fan vents, including signs that they may require more immediate attention:

Does Your Bathroom Fan Vent Need Cleaning

Benefits of a Clean Bathroom Fan Vent

Removes unpleasant odour

Your bathroom vent can help remove unpleasant odours. Keeping this area fresh and the vents clean makes a bathroom more pleasant and sanitary for all.

Eliminates fungus and mould growth

Mould and mildew thrive in a moist environment. Your bathroom exhaust fan removes steam from your shower water or bathwater, sending it through the vent. Cleaning the vent eliminates hazardous growth of fungus and mould.

Maintains efficiency; improves air quality

The accumulation of moisture in your bathroom vents encourages the growth of bacteria. This can contribute to odours and the growth of mould.

Signs the Bathroom Fan Vent Needs Cleaning

Steamy mirrors and glass

If your bathroom vent is clogged or dirty, it won’t effectively remove moisture. This causes the mirrors and glass inside your bathroom to remain steamy. Unless immediately cleaned, the steam will leave water marks on the surface of the mirror and glass, making them appear dirty.

Fans do not remove odour

If turning on the exhaust fan does not remove odour from your bathroom, the vent may be clogged.

Dust on the exhaust cover

If you see dust on the exhaust cover, it is likely that your vent needs cleaning. Use a flashlight to properly examine the exhaust cover.

Residents are getting sick

Mould and fungus can cause health risks. If you notice that any member of your household is experiencing respiratory issues, this may be an indicator that mould is present and that the vents need to be cleaned immediately to prevent any further complications.

If you are experiencing any health issues, visit your physician for treatment.   

Your bathroom vent must be cleaned at least twice a year, as well as any other time that it ceases to function efficiently. Remember that cleaning your bathroom vent, or any vent, cannot be done without the assistance of a professional.

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