Kitchen fires are a restaurant’s worst nightmare. Commercial kitchens are often well-equipped for these issues, but protection doesn’t always extend to the exhaust systems. This can increase the danger caused by a greasy or dirty exhaust system. Here are some tips to prevent kitchen fires and keep the vent area clean:

Prevent Kitchen Exhaust Fires

What Causes Kitchen Exhaust Fires?

While commercial kitchens have equipment to decrease fire risk, these preventative measures do not always extend to the exhaust system. As a result, fires that are extinguished in the kitchen may not be an immediate issue, but any resulting grease in

the exhaust vents will continue to burn. These fires are difficult to put out and can cause extensive damage.

How to Prevent Kitchen Exhaust Fires

Keep your kitchen exhaust system clean

Have the exhaust hood, ventilation system, and filters cleaned regularly,  removing any debris and grease buildup. This lowers the risk of any larger fires or additional damage caused by the residual grease.

Make sure you have the proper kitchen equipment

All commercial kitchens must have the proper safety equipment in case of fire-related incidents. Place fire extinguishers in your commercial kitchen that have been tested, maintained, and are easily accessible during any emergency situation.
Undergo proper safety training

Your entire staff must undergo training for emergency fire protocol, including fire safety. All restaurant employees must be trained in everything from evacuation procedures to safe storage of flammable materials.

Hire a professional exhaust cleaning service

Always hire a professional cleaning service when dealing with your vents and exhaust system. Having professionals take care of your exhaust system and vents can ensure that the cleaning is done properly and thoroughly, preventing any further risk of damage.

Signs that You Need to Clean Your Kitchen Equipment   

Regardless of the brand and model of your equipment, all surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly. Some signs that your equipment needs cleaning are:

  • Streaks on the surfaces of the equipment
  • Grease stains
  • Slippery floors surrounding your appliances

Careful maintenance of all appliances and equipment in your kitchen can save you from any serious damage. An exhaust cleaning service is essential to maintain safety standards for any business’ patrons and employees.

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