Key Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap Today

A clean chimney has isn’t just about appearances. Maintaining a clean chimney will help to keep your home safer and its occupants healthier. If a chimney is neglected, your loved ones could be breathing in ash or your home could catch fire.

Essential Chimney Cleaning

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Fireplace Chimney Safety

Those of us in the Great White North often experience long, brutal winters. We, in particular, might use our fireplaces more often than our neighbours down south and we must clean the flue and entire chimney frequently. The chimney should always be cleaned just before the start of winter.

If you decide to try to clean your chimney yourself, know the safest way to do it. Get some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Be safe and avoid breathing in the ash and soot; wear a mask and goggles. Look at the ash and build up with a flashlight. Check for nests and live animals — they might have built a home in your chimney and create a major blockage.

Can I Clean My Chimney Myself? (Hint: Probably Not.)

Measure the flue to get the right size chimney brush. You will also need extenders to clean the entire chimney. Prepare the inside of your home with a tarp, and have a smaller wire brush on hand as well. Of course, you’ll need a tall ladder to get to the top of the house. Remember to be thorough. The consequences of having it half done are simply not worth it.

Prep the chimney for cleaning by removing the damper. Start at the top and work your way down. Pay extra attention to the flue entrance. Know the laws for waste disposal so you properly get rid of the dirt, grease and ash that come out of the chimney.

Sound overwhelming (and perhaps a little dangerous)? Of course!

Why Professional Chimney Cleaning is Critical

Skip all that collection of materials and safety equipment. Let the professionals handle the tough stuff; call Dr. Duct today at (613) 845-0707 and we’ll take care of your chimney needs.