Have you noticed a burning smell coming from your dryer or are surprised with how hot the dryer gets on the outside? When was the last time it was cleaned? Cleaning your dryer vents is serious business; a poorly maintained vent can lead to a fire. If you are planning on cleaning vents yourself, you may wish to consider hiring a professional for the job.

1. Self-cleaning a dryer vent yourself could make the problem worse

Reasons Why the Dryer Vent Needs Professional Cleaning

If you’re not experienced with cleaning a dryer vent, attempting to clean it yourself could lead to problems, including:

  • Increased clogging
  • Damage
  • Broken tools left in vent
  • Flammable vent material
  • Failure to completely clean the vent
  • These errors could cause costly repairs. Professionals can help prevent these disasters.

2. Do-it-yourself (DIY) dryer vent cleaning kits are not always reliable

Reasons Why the Dryer Vent Needs Professional Cleaning

There have been numerous reports of brushes provided by DIY cleaning kits not meeting professional standards. Many people complain of these brushes get stuck around inner bends and break off when being pulled out. Sometimes, the connector rod for the brush separates as you clean. Finally, kit brushes may not be long enough to reach the entire dryer vent. Professionals vent cleaners in the GTA have the tools necessary to complete the job properly.

3. Experience is key

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Professionals are experienced and well-trained. They will do a thorough job safely without damaging the vent or dryer. They’ll protect you from fire or a broken utility. Also, they know how to perform important steps like disconnecting and reconnecting the dryer.

4. Insurance

Don't Ignore Ductwork This Winter

Professionals take responsibility for your property. If they break something while duct cleaning, they either fix it or pay for it. Sometimes warranties or promotional offers are offered by a hired service.

As tempting as it is to DIY, think about hiring a professional to save time and money. Call us, Dr. Duct, at (613) 845-0707 for more information and dryer vent cleaning consultation!