Chimney Cleaning Tips for HomeownersYour fireplace is the most vital thing in your home during winter unless you have installed a heater inside your house. Consequently, it is important that you give some attention in your chimney just like you do with the other parts of your home. If you make use of wood in order to generate fire and keep everyone in your house warm, soot and creosote will stock up and may cause health problems and other accidents in your home. Companies offering cleaning services may provide sky-high rates and this is why most homeowners would prefer to clean the chimney on their own for them to save some money. However, if you are one of these homeowners, then you can find these chimney cleaning tips provided by Dr. Duct Company very helpful.

1. Before the winter or the burning season take place, make sure to check your chimney for any blockage that could impede the flow of air out of the chimney. In addition, ensure that there are no nests built by squirrels or birds on top of it. This will not only lead to the development of fire but this may also endanger the lives of the animals.

2. Obtain a damp old clothing or huge plastic to close the fireplace. The moment that you start cleaning your chimney, there will be lots of debris that will fall and spread out in your home if the fireplace is not properly sealed.

3. Be sure that you don’t forget to wear goggles, facemask, and gloves while cleaning. These materials will serve as a protection against allergies and in order to prevent difficulty of breathing when you brush the innermost part of the chimney.

4. Look over the chimney once in a while using flashlights for you to be certain that it is free from creosote and soot before you use it again.

5. You can choose to clean your chimney at least once or twice every year so as to prevent any problems caused by building up of carbon monoxide.