Dirt and debris that accumulate in air ducts can cause health problems and make the air duct system inefficient. What most people don’t know is that another vent, if not cleaned regularly, can also pose a threat at home. The clothes dryer is an important appliance but if the dryer vent is taken for granted, it can become a serious fire hazard.

When dryer vents become full of lint, they can easily catch fire. When they are clogged, it also makes drying inefficient because it takes a longer time for clothes to dry. When dryer vents are clean, they dry clothes faster, use less energy and prevent fires.

Get your ducts cleaned when you see these warning signs:

1. The dryer produces heat but does not dry clothes fully even after a complete cycle.

2. There is a weird smell after a drying cycle.

3. The hood flap of the dryer vent does not open properly as it is supposed to.

4. The dryer vent has not been cleaned in at least a year.

5. Lots of lint get accumulated in the lint trap whenever the dryer is in use.

6. Clothing is unusually hot after a drying cycle.

How to Limit Buildup in Your Dryer

1. Minimize the use of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Fabric softeners have oils and chemicals that can become flammable. Dryer sheets leave a lot of lint.

2. If possible, line dry heavy bedding and similar articles outdoors.

3. Always clean the dryer after use. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove residue or lint from time to time.

Do-It-Yourself Dryer Cleaning

1. Always unplug the dryer before trying to do any work.

2. Make sure to clean the entire dryer from the inside all the way to the part that connects the back of the dryer to the window vent.

3. Remove all the buildup from inside.

Never try to take the dryer apart if you are not familiar with the machine and cannot take it apart and put it back perfectly. For your cleaning needs and safety, you may call a professional duct cleaner to clean your dryer vent for you.