There are a few signs of a dirty chimney that shouldn’t be ignored, because it’s best to have your chimney cleaned before problems arise. When your chimney cries for help, it may provide some signs:


Your Chimney Is Telling You It Needs Cleaning

Built up creosote is a leading cause of chimney fires, which often lead to house fires. Recognize the signs of a dirty chimney and have it cleaned before disaster happens. On average, chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year. Depending on various circumstances, creosote might build up slowly or quickly, but you can’t predict what happens. If you rarely use your fireplace it might be okay to clean it less often, but if you enjoy a wood stove all winter, it’s imperative to have regular chimney cleaning.


Your Chimney Is Telling You It Needs Cleaning

Another sign is dark smoke emanating from your chimney. In general, wood will not give off a noticeably dark cloud. Unless you’re burning coal, creosote buildup is the culprit here. If you light a fire and smoke starts filling your home, your chimney is overdue for a cleaning. Likewise, if your furniture is covered in soot, call immediately for chimney cleaning assistance (and then call another service for your suffering upholstery).

Final Tips

Why Professional Chimney Cleaning is Critical

Generally, it’s a good idea to get your chimney cleaned at the beginning of the fall season, since (along with creosote) there will be dust and cobwebs (and who knows what else) trapped after the warmer months. Inspecting your chimney and some basic cleaning can be done independently, but if you have a glazed buildup it’s necessary to hire a professional.

It’s always safest to hire professionals to clean your chimney with the proper tools and experience. Dr. Duct provides unsurpassed Ottawa chimney cleaning services: (613) 845-0707.