Three Reasons Your Dryer Is Getting Too Hot

While clothes dryers frequently get hot, high temperatures are not normal and can be downright dangerous when the dryer overheats. Besides scorching your clothes, a dryer that is getting too hot can catch fire. There are several issues that cause a dryer to overheat; here are the top three reasons for this:

Reasons Why the Dryer Vent Needs Professional Cleaning

  1. Thermostat Malfunction The thermostat in your dryer controls the level of heat. If it fails, your dryer will run too hot or too cold. To maintain the proper temperature, the thermostat will should be replaced. This is a relatively inexpensive fix compared to some other reasons your dryer may be running hot.
  2. Air Flow Issues – Basically, fresh air goes into a dryer and is warmed by the heating element to dry your clothes. The hot, damp air is then expelled through the dryer vent. If anything obstructs the flow of air, your dryer will run too hot, causing it to eventually break down. It’s important to check the ductwork of your dryer periodically so that obstructions can be removed. It’s imperative to clean the lint trap after each use. If the blower on your dryer malfunctions, it will disrupt the flow of air. The dryer will run too hot until the blower wheel is repaired or replaced.
  3. Defective Heating Element – When the heating element is dying, your dryer will get extra hot for a couple of cycles before it goes cold. A short in the heating element wiring can cause it to continue to produce heat, even when the control panel is telling it to cool down. The only way to fix this issue is to install a new heating element.

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

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