Air duct cleaning services can be costly or time consuming if you try to do it yourself. Scam artists are aware of this and promote “cheap duct cleaning” scams to drain unassuming customers of their hard-earned cash. You can avoid duct cleaning scams by learning some of their techniques. For example, a company may offer a coupon with a seemingly amazing offer but reduce the quality of service provided, in order to serve a large volume of customers. Any time an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Classic Bait And Switch

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One of the most common ways scam artists try to pull one over on you is to promise one thing over the phone but provide another thing when the company reaches your house. Once the duct cleaning service arrives they begin doing subpar work, and then offer you the opportunity to “upgrade” the service in exchange for a fairly large amount of money. Even after you choose to pay the exorbitant fees, the service you receive is likely to be of lower quality than the initial promise.

Mould Inspection

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Sometimes scams will give you what they promise, but they make sure the outcome favours them. Mould inspection is a great example with this subpar approach. The duct cleaning company offers to inspect your house for mould and somehow manages to find mould everywhere. Suddenly, the cheap inspection your coupon/special promised (plus the fee they would charge if they did find mould), have vanished “in light of new information.” The company had no intention of offering a low-cost mould removal because there is no way for their business to survive at such a low pricing level.

Planning Too Many Appointments At Once

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One of the worst ways shady companies try to compete is by offering high-quality services to many customers but failing to deliver anything of value. A dishonest duct cleaning company will offer to clean a certain number of homes on a particular day, but the services provided are brief, superficial cleanings. The customers think their vents are clean and end up paying for a service they never received.

Getting High Quality Service You Can Trust

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The truth about quality duct cleaning is that the service is an investment in the health and safety of your home. It’s impossible to escape the fact that cheap offers are unreliable. Reputable air duct cleaning services will provide the quality work we promise. Call Dr. Duct and we will send trained, friendly, capable technicians to your home or office. We won’t con you. Call 613-845-0707 today.