Duct Vent Damage by Animals

Animals such as raccoons, rats, and squirrels can damage your duct vent and cause it to develop leaks, causing discomfort and inefficient energy use at home. A damaged duct can also send in dust, which can be damaging to health. The problem starts when an animal finds a cozy place to settle in vent outlets and other fixtures. Once this happens, they build a nest, block the vent and cause inefficient air circulation.

Fight Raccoon/Squirrel Invasion and Identify Damage to Duct Vents

Raccoons and squirrels usually invade homes when searching for shelter to escape cold weather. Places like the attic and ducts form an ideal hiding place because they have pathways and compartments where the animals can hide and nest. Raccoons also target shingles, roof vents, chimneys and roof and soffits (undersides of arches or eaves). A squirrel, on the other hand, can enter the home by chewing its way through the plastic vent cover found outside most homes.

A squirrel nesting inside the attic can increase the risk of fire because it uses dried twigs and leaves to build its nest. The risk of fire can be further compounded when the rodent starts gnawing on the wires connecting the electrical fixtures at home. You can detect this problem through unusual odors, movements and noise. When you smell, see, or hear any of these signs, seek immediate professional assistance.

Raccoon and Squirrel Removal

Fight Raccoon/Squirrel Invasion and Identify Damage to Duct Vents

Removing a raccoon or squirrel that is nesting in your attic can be challenging and expensive. The most efficient strategy is to have it physically removed and relocated. Special baits and traps can be used to capture these animals. Raccoon and squirrel invasion can be easily prevented by repairing all access holes in the vents and roofs. It is important to note that repellent such as predator urine and sprays is not effective in repelling squirrels and raccoons.

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