Dirty or clogged air ducts are a hazard to your home or place of business. They can cause health problems and other hazards, like fire. By regularly maintaining these areas you can keep your living or office space clean and hospitable.

1. Check for leaves

Why Your Home May Need a Vent Cleaning Service Conducted Immediately

Usually, this is a concern for air ducts during the fall season. Falling temperatures create a beautiful tree canopy, and then we experience a deluge of maple and other leaves that fall to the ground and on our rooftops. Leaves blocking ducts impede air circulation indoors. When cleaning your eavestroughs, also check air duct openings for stuck leaves and debris.

2. Live creatures can clog air ducts

Must-Know Facts for Cleaning Air Ducts

In addition to leaves, parasites and rodents leave behind waste that blocks air ducts and reduces the ventilation inside a building. As it gets cooler outside, these animals will seek the safety of a home or professional building’s interior for warmth. If this problem exists and is left unchecked, you may even notice particles flowing into the indoor air. If particles are present, immediately check the air ducts and clean them until they’re completely free of all debris.

3. Check for broken parts

Must-Know Facts for Cleaning Air Ducts

During the fall season, the change from a warm to cooler environment can cause some essential air duct parts to warp. Like any machine, parts must be in working order function properly. If temperature and humidity changes warp the equipment, this can cause the air ducts to work inefficiently and warp. Check ductwork for visible deformities.

4. Ask others for advice

Must-Know Facts for Cleaning Air Ducts

During this time of year, many people likely encounter the same problems with air quality. Hopefully, you know someone who regularly succeeds at keeping their home or building well-ventilated, and the air clean and safe. See what advice they have and follow their lead!

5. Call the professionals

Repairing Leaks on your Dryer Duct

In the end, if your home continues to suffer from poor air quality it’s past time to call professionals for vent cleaning services. Check with different providers to get estimates, and learn what procedures they use to rid your environment of harmful debris.

At Dr. Duct, we would be happy to assist you with high-quality cleaning services at a reasonable rate. With an impressive track record of happy, healthy customers, our technicians are up-to-date on the latest methods for keeping your home or professional space clean. If your goal is a clean air system, call us today at 613-845-0707.