It is more important now than ever before to ensure that all of your duct cleaning needs are being met. Air conditioning units and other equipment containing ducts have a great impact on the air you breathe in your home or office. If not only affects you, but it affects the well-being of your family or employees as well. Keeping your ducts clean is a tremendous benefit. It removes the dirt, debris, animal hair, dust unpleasant odors and other particles that cause harmful allergies. It also reduces the risk of personal sick leaves as a result of unclean ducts in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the seriousness of this situation has been minimized due to recent individuals posing as duct cleaning companies.

air duct cleaning
Fraud Alert

Ontario consumers should be advised that a scam is currently underway. In fact the scam involving duct cleaning services has been taking place for nearly 5 years now. The scam involves fraudulent individuals posing as an air duct cleaning company that targets the Ontario, Canada area.

The worst thing is that it’s giving legitimate Ontario-based companies a bad name to companies that have been providing excellent services in the marketplace for years.

Consumer’s Beware

Consumers in need of commercial, industrial, or residential duct cleaning services have reason for concern, as fraudulent individuals are on the prowl for each of these markets.

Important Clues

This type of activity (involving the duct cleaning scam) is a crime. It hurts both consumers and legitimate Ontario-based businesses.

Metal pipes and ventilator on the brick wall

Metal pipes and ventilator on the brick wall

For those of you who are concerned about duct cleaning scam activities, an obvious clue is if you are contacted or solicited by phone, or even by getting a knock at your door if you are a local business. Legitimate duct cleaning companies rarely solicits business in this manner.

If the duct cleaning fraud concerns you and you’d like to have your AC unit evaluated by a legitimate duct cleaning company, please give Dr. Duct a call. We can be reached at (613) 845-0707 and would happy to come out and assist.

Some clues that you are working with a legitimate the duct cleaning company is not only the way that customers are solicited, but also because of the vast knowledge that we have and the variety of services that we offer. A legitimate duct cleaning company offers services such as dryer vent cleaning services, kitchen and bathroom vent cleaning services, chimney cleaning services, and of course air duct cleaning services.

As a legitimate duct cleaning company, we’re not only concerned about providing you with excellent service, but were also concerned about making sure you are breathing quality air. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any duct cleaning service needs that you may have.