Home is our dwelling place and where we build strong relationships with our family. It is a place that we look forward to after a long, stressful day and a place where we expect to have comfort the most. A home has to have proper ventilation because one of the simplest way to boost health, or brain power and to make a home suitable for residents is a fresh, clean and warm air. A ventilation system which is effective and will safeguard the dweller and the building itself against probable harmful condensation and other air pollutants that are existent is essential.

One of the most important machines that are invented for improving the quality of air is ventilator. For homes located in colder climates, they use what we call Heat Recovery Ventilator. How does heat recovery ventilator works? Heat recovery is the collective re-use of heat that arises from any process which could be lost. It provides useful heat which could be used for other purposes. Now, heat recovery ventilator supplies fresh air from the outside into the house continuously. It extracts stale or moist air from the wet rooms of the house such as bathroom, kitchen, en-suite, and utility. Then, the air is ducted through a rigorous silencer and then to the heat recovery ventilation unit. It then occupies the house and releases the heat into the cold air that is coming from the outside. The thoroughly filtered air will then be warmed to provide appropriate temperature. This will provide each home a warmer, well-heated place with a continuous supply of fresh air.

Using a heat recovery ventilation system is recommendable than any other standard vents because it recovers 60-70% of the heat that would otherwise be lost. Heat recovery ventilation unit is a versatile expenditure since it can be installed in almost any walls in the house. The unit is not just easy to install, it is also very easy to operate. Furthermore, heat recovery ventilator can help reduce household energy bills tremendously . It is important to maintain the state of this unit and keep it clean so it can constantly provide your home some fresh air.

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