Heat in a form of fire is very essential in places where people experience an extremely cold weather. This is why chimneys are very common to those places because people need them in order to generate heat in their homes. However, like any other things, chimneys also need regular cleaning especially when creosote is building up and is almost covering every corner of the chimney. But what is it on us to have a regular chimney cleaning?

Most residents are using firewood in lighting up fires in their chimneys for the very reason of it being sold at cheap prices in the market. But out of the awareness of everybody, using of firewood can cause production of creosote. Creosote is a composition of multiple chemicals mixed together. The primary chemical composition is called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that is found in coal tar creosote which is commonly used in firewood for preservation purposes. It is also very common as they make the wood easily set on fire and it is water resistant too. Coal tar creosotes, an oily liquid, varies from amber to black in color and is usually thick in appearance. Aside from preservation use, this chemical also serves other beneficial purposes such as getting mixed in insect repellents and utilized in medical treatment. But, without the knowledge of proper handling of this chemical, this can lead into different health related problems and since this chemical makes firewood easy to lit, it can also trigger fires once accumulated in large amounts.

With the continuous consumption of firewood with creosote, it will likely be deposited in the chimneys and can cause lung irritation when there is prolonged exposure to its vapors. It can also cause blistering, peeling or reddening of skin once a person get in contact with it directly. And for other danger prevention such as fire, experts in cleaning chimneys are needed in order to avoid these dilemmas. Thankfully, we now have different companies who specialize with the chimney cleaning. However, residents should see to it that they are hiring the best ones to ensure that appropriate cleaning of the chimney is done.

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