If the dryer stops working

Here is the first thing that you should know: Keep in mind that you can repair most of the dryer problems yourself. It is not necessary to call an expert and spend hundreds of dollars for the repair.

Most of the repairs will only take about an hour; however, it is sensible that you set aside an extra time to search for replacement parts. For you to find the necessary parts, try searching the internet for “appliance parts” or check the yellow pages. Most of the parts are low-priced. In addition to the basic tools such as screwdrivers and socket set, you may necessitate a multimeter or continuity tester to diagnose the delinquent.

Tip: The first stage in any appliance repair is to ensure that it is receiving electricity. Tripped breakers and unplugged cords are the leading cause of breakdown in appliances.

Dryer disassembly

Most of the dryer repairs necessitate disassembly of the external cabinet so that you can obtain its parts inside. If the lint filter of the dryer is situated inside the front door, you must take away the screws first on the corners of the control panel. Then, reverse the panel to uncover the screws on its top. Take away the screws and pull the top portion towards you. Raise it up. In order to open the bottom section, discharge the spring catches by means of heaving a putty knife in the slit just above them. Once the bottom panel is open, you can now remove the front panel by way of taking away the two screws on top of it and two screws at bottom.

If the filter glides into the top part of the dryer, take away the screws next to the filter slit. With the use of a putty knife, free the spring catches situated below the top panel. Bend the top panel up and remove the screws that secure the front panel in place.