We depend on our appliances in order to keep our dishes clean, clothes dry, our food preserved and well-cooked. It is very upsetting if one of the main appliances in our home stops working efficiently and we are ought to call an expert to fix the problem. Here are a couple of things that you can do in order to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

1. Keep the condenser of your refrigerator clean. The condenser is what prevents the compressor from scorching. Most of the refrigerators have a built-in fan motor which functions to move the air through the condenser and cool the compressor. Pet hair and lint are sometimes sucked into the condenser. When it amasses and limits the flow of air, the compressor then overheats. The costliest repair on refrigerators is the replacement of compressor. Be sure to clean your condenser from time to time in order to extend the lifespan of your compressor.

2. Do not overwork your washing machine. If you really want your washing machine to last, do not attempt to finish your laundry in a snap. Off-balanced and heavy loads put a tension on the parts of the washing machine and tire them out hastily. It is best to do smaller, equally balanced loads.

3. Keep the vent line and dryer free from lint. Keeping the lint screen of your dryer clean before loading it is important. Lint tends to accumulate in your dryer vent line in due course. When the vent lines begin to get constrained, more lint amasses in your dryer and could create possible fire. It is important that you vacuum the inside of your dryer regularly. You can surely prevent dryer fires with habitual cleaning.

4. Remove the leftovers off your dishes before you place them in the sink. Although you have seen in some advertisements that you can just leave your food in the dishes, it can still pose some risks to your appliances. The food needs to go somewhere and it usually gets jammed in the spray arms and pump, requiring a hand from the experts.