Keeping a Bathroom Vent Clean AlwaysBathroom vents serve as an air purifier and at the same time helps in the circulation of air in your bathroom. We all know that bathrooms are also source of unpleasant smell so staying inside a closed bathroom is only comfortable if there is the presence of a vent.

Ventilations or exhaust fans in bathrooms come in different forms. They might be electric operation or just a plain vent window wherein air can pass through in and out. Despite the variations of vents, as an owner of the bathroom, it is your responsibility to monitor your vent and ensure that it is functioning and in good condition.

How do you clean your bathroom vent for it to be effective in purifying the air circulating in your bathroom and taking away the bad odor? Don’t wait for dusts to come building in your vents. These dusts will not stop forming in your vents and will eventually be a threat to your health because the polluted air had already stuck to these dusts. Therefore, before you even see dusts forming, you should be avoiding it. One way to do that is to brush your vents regularly. Thrice a week is already effective. Wiping the cover of the vent and ensuring that dusts are 100% swept is a must, too.

But cleaning vents doesn’t end there. In fact, the most important part is to clean the entire tube where air passage is found. By the help of a long stick with a broom or brush at the tip can help you reach the end of the passage.

Doing these simple cleaning acts regularly can help you inhale a clean air inside your bathroom. You can also add an air freshener to help maintain a better smell whenever you use the bathroom.