Winter season is enjoyable because this is a sign when Christmas is fast approaching and you get to use your chimney. Fireplaces are not feasible unless you have your own chimney that is oftentimes made up of bricks. But when winter season ends, how will you treat your chimney? Will you just leave it there until its winter again?

Chimney is an important part of a house. Aside from fireplaces, it can also serve as a ventilator and exhaust fun wherein air can circulate inside your home. The problem that you might encounter when having a chimney is when you forget to check on it frequently. Chimneys also need maintenance in order for you to avoid inconveniences such as smoke leaks, blockages, inadequate ventilation, or even tar build-up.

Maintaining your Chimney Right!A chimney should be tested for smoke integrity to avoid leaks or cracks. Dangerous gases should also be checked whether the chimney can already draw this type of gases. Since chimneys are also considered as exhaust pipes, ensuring the cleanliness and durability of the chimney is very important.

You can start off by sweeping the chimney. A long broomstick can do the trick. Just make sure that you wear a mask and protection for your eyes when doing the sleeping. Doing this everyday or even every other day can contribute to the chimney’s cleanliness.

Aside from sweeping, you can also check for cracks on your chimney. Cracks might lead to bigger damages so when you spot one, call an expert immediately. Refurbishment of your chimney is also helpful to ensure your family’s security and health.

Whenever you’re done using the chimney, always clean everything before you leave it. Lastly, brushing the type sometimes can contribute to the cleanliness of the chimney and this will invite healthy air inside your homes.