Producing More Heat at a Lower Cost

High-Efficiency Furnaces and Saving Money

A new high-efficiency furnace might appear to be costly; it should be known that in the long run this furnace will give your money back to you. Money will come back because of efficiency. A high-efficiency furnace will save you money every month on your energy bill. The annual savings will amaze you. If your current energy bills are high, you might want to consider an investment. A high-energy furnace is a sound investment that will keep your money in your own wallet.

The Obsolete Furnace May be Costly

The older furnace may actually be obsolete. It may very well prove to be worth your money to invest in a new high-efficiency furnace for the following reasons:

  • the older furnace might be sending at least 30 percent of your energy bill out the flu
  • the older furnace may operate at a low efficiency
  • the older furnace may be producing half of your needed heat with the same amount of fuel
  • the older furnace may have a negative impact on the environment
  • the older furnace may increase your energy bill on a monthly basis

These are a sample of signs that will alert you to the obsolete furnace. A professional can assess your current furnace and determine if it needs to be replaced because it is obsolete. Dr. Duct can assist in this determination.

Consuming Less Fuel with a High-efficiency Furnace

High-Efficiency Furnaces and Saving Money

A high-efficiency furnace has the ability to consume approximately 30 percent less fuel than an obsolete furnace or the older furnace. The savings on you energy bill will go to you. Every consumer who makes the choice to invest in a high-efficiency furnace is making an investment to their own future. The benefits of this choice include:

  • a lower operating noise
  • the production of more even heating
  • the ability to maintain an even and constant temperature
  • reduced energy bill
  • savings
  • a comfortable environment
  • it will ultimately pay for itself on a long-term basis

These are a sample of the many benefits that a high-efficiency furnace will provide. Dr. Duct can provide the necessary information.