Properly sealing your air ducts is one way to keep an HVAC system working optimally. When leaks are present, air is constantly escaping, making the system work harder. When having your air ducts sealed, consider:


The Importance of Duct Sealing


1. Higher Air Quality

Sealed air ducts make it more difficult for dust and dirt to enter a building. If anyone living or working inside is prone to allergies, this process reduces the likelihood of irritants getting into breathable air. Sealed ducts offer a cleaner, fresher environment and less indoor dust in general. Even people without allergies may find that they sneeze less frequently and feel better overall.

2. Increased Safety

A leaky HVAC system is vulnerable to invasion by mould or pests. Warm, damp air in the ducts may encourage mould growth, which can emit spores that cause respiratory problems. Pests can also enter ducts through openings/leaks, and the system can spread their germs, parasites, and dander through an entire building. Sealing ducts helps keep these problems out.


The Importance of Duct Sealing

3. Consistent Temperature

With a leaky HVAC, warm or cold air bleeds out of the building. During winter or summer, a well-regulated HVAC system keeps indoor temperatures comfortable. Leaking ducts result in hot or cold indoor spots, making temperatures inconsistent throughout a space.

4. Lower Energy Bills

Leaking air ducts cause higher energy bills. As your system struggles to maintain consistent temperatures, it uses more power. Sealing ducts allows the system to operate efficiently, and you won’t have to keep turning down the AC thermostat or turn up the heat.


The Importance of Duct Sealing

5. Eco-friendly

Higher energy consumption creates more pollution. Whether using a furnace or electricity for warmth, waste products (e.g. smoke and heat) are released into the environment. Sealing reduces energy usage, with a corresponding drop in emissions from your building.

6. Reduces Degradation

Pushing the system harder strains the HVAC, costing money in repairs and parts. Sealing the ducts and reducing the demand on them helps preserve the system and increases its longevity, saving you more in the long run.


The Importance of Duct Sealing


Duct sealing makes an HVAC system run cleaner, offering a more healthy environment at work or home. Increased efficiency keeps you comfortable and lowers costs, making it an enticing upgrade that ultimately pays for itself.

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