There are certain tasks that professional service technicians should be able to perform to show they really know their business. In the case of an air duct service provider, there is more to the job than simply knowing how to repair or replace parts. Some of the tasks you can expect an expert air duct service provider to be able to provide are:

1. System Inspection – A professional air duct service should provide complete system inspection. This includes opening all the ports to see the system clearly and check it has been cleaned thoroughly. They can also identify any asbestos-containing materials and know how to dispose of them properly.

2. Proper Equipment – Different ducts require different tools, and your technician should have the competence to know how to use each one properly. Both cleaning or repair need to be done effectively, and the right parts must be installed.


Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider


3. Sealed System – When cleaning the ducts, the entire HVAC system has to be sealed to keep dust from spreading all over the building. The vacuums used by professional air duct service providers either exhaust all dust outside the building, or store dust particles inside the cleaning unit(s). Professionals have the knowledge and training to keep dust away from your interior spaces.

4. Property Protection – A qualified team will protect your furnishings and carpeting. Like with a painter, it is part of the contractor’s responsibility to make sure your belongings aren’t damaged by their work.


Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider


5. Access Holes – Cleaning the ducts may require access holes be cut. Any quality service provider will drill holes to reach the ducts (or use existing ones if cleaning has been previously performed). After working, they will seal and insulate the holes to prevent air escaping when you use the system.

6. Questions Answered – Professionals should have the ability to explain different processes and answer questions. Part of the job involves explaining technical terms so you can understand the purpose of each task. Your air duct professional may also volunteer what you might expect in the future, and offer suggestions for other maintenance.


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By knowing what to expect from a trained air duct service provider, you can protect yourself from unscrupulous vendors.

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