Building maintenance takes different forms, including taking care of the insulation. When clean and contaminant-free, insulation contributes to indoor air quality. There are some signs that your insulation needs replacement; take a look at this list to help pinpoint a potential problem:

1. Heating and Cooling Issues – Inconsistent temperatures throughout a building (like rooms that have higher or lower temperatures than nearby ones) can be a sign of inadequate insulation. You may feel the insulation problem as a draught throughout the building. In either case, the chill is noticeable even when all doors and windows are closed. This indicates a gap in your insulation allowing air to escape and making it difficult to regulate the temperature.




2. High Energy Bills – When your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your temperature comfortable, energy bills go up. When the insulation is replaced, you can enjoy lower utility bills thanks to less loss of heat and/or air conditioned air.

3. Animal Infestation – Animals that get in your attic (e.g. raccoons, squirrels, bats.) usually find insulation to be a good material for nests. It’s worse when these pests nest inside the insulation itself. Having animals tear away your insulation not only creates gaps through which air can escape, it encourages pests to stay and breed. Replacing damaged insulation will eliminate the health risks left behind by these intruders after they’ve been removed.


Insulation Replacement in Dr Duct


4. Water Damage – Attic insulation is prone to developing holes as it wears, giving moisture access points to your home. Wet insulation is no longer effective at regulating temperature; air pockets that help trap the air are waterlogged. Moist conditions also make a good breeding ground for mould, which can cause health issues. Much of the air that comes into a building passes through the attic, so it is vital that insulation be kept free of toxic substances like mould.

5. Outdated Materials – If your building is a few decades old, your insulating material could be made of materials that are no longer used in construction (including wool and cotton). These materials have shorter lifespans than modern materials like fibreglass, so they may have decayed and need replacing.


 Why Insulation Needs Replacing


Aside from more noticeable issues (e.g. higher bills and difficulty regulating the temperature), problems with your insulation can contribute to health risks and damage to your building. Dr. Duct can help repair or replace your insulation and improve your building’s air quality. Contact us at (613) 845-0707 for a free estimate.